Part 9: The Gift of Interpretation of Tongues

 Heavenly Father I praise You for being a God of order and a God of all nations and all peoples. I praise You that You have given us the ability to get Your scripture and Your message of salvation to every corner of the world. I praise You that You look at the intent of our heart not our outward appearance. I also praise You for giving each of us spiritual gifts and ministries to serve You in multiple areas to meet the needs of people everywhere. 

Holy Spirit I pray for grace, wisdom and discernment for those with the gift of Interpreting Tongues or languages. These people are able to create versions of the scriptures into the languages of all people. I pray that You will bring resources and finances to the groups of people who attempt to make this happen. I also pray for those who must stand up and interpret anyone who speaks in tongues. They are responsible of keeping things clear and not confusing. 

Holy Spirit I pray for those who carry the burden of being missionaries, bible interpreters, or are part of institutions who are making bibles in different translations so that all people can have access to Your word. I also pray for those who teach in different countries and also witness or testify to their students about who You are. Often they put their lives in danger by willingly defying the local government to talk about Jesus while teaching English. I pray these people who have the gift of Interpreting Tongues will always honor You and be very diligent to listen to Your Holy Spirit to gain wisdom of when to speak and when to be quiet. I praise You again for all the gifts that You give us to make us a diverse group but one body and one spirit under Your direction. In Jesus’ name, amen.