Part 8: The Gift of Tongues

Heavenly Father I praise You for the diversity of the body. I praise You that with multiple denominations people can find what fits their personality in worshipping You. I praise You for the people who develop theology so that they can attempt to put the scriptures into perspective. I praise You that I am but a simple lay person trying to be obedient to Your scriptures and Your Holy Spirit who inspires me to pray scriptures. 

Holy Spirit I pray for the people that You give the gift of tongues to because this is one of the most misunderstood gifts in the scriptures. I go back to when Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit spoke and all people with different languages were able to understand him when he spoke in their own language. I pray that people will accept the people with the gift of tongues and realize they are important for the word to be spread to every nation, tribe and culture. I realize that the gift of tongues need to be inspired by Your Holy Spirit in order to fully affect the message being spoken. I also know that this gift is often disputed or ignored because of ignorance. God is not a God of chaos, so if chaos exists it is from Satan trying to cause division. 

Holy Spirit help me to and others to be more open hearted to those who speak in tongues so that all people everywhere can learn of You. Help me to support and back these people in prayer. God I do not need to understand everything to support others in prayer and in their ministries. I just need the prompting of Your Holy Spirit on how to pray for them. Lead my heart, mind and soul to be fully in tune with Your Spirit so that I can pray with power and authority to back all people and all gifts in prayer that brings growth to Your kingdom. In Jesus’ name, amen.