Part 2: The Gift of Knowledge

Heavenly Father I praise you for all the mentors You put in my life. How You found people to put in my life who would push me to understand and grow in Your Spirit, Your word, Your wisdom and how to help others. I praise You for the ability to read and to listen to books so that I can continue to grow. I praise You for the testimonies of others which encourages my heart that nothing is impossible for You. 

Holy Spirit help me as I continue to learn about the spiritual gifts mentioned in 1 Corinthians. As I look at the gift of knowledge I understand that a person with this gift is quite knowledgeable of what Your word says and what it means. I have learned over the years that people with this gift are very good at leading people through the scriptures to understand how to handle a situation. They tend to be people with good counsel because of their understanding and knowledge of what Your word is attempting to tell us. Often, people with this gift will work with people with the gift of wisdom because they understand the truth of Your word and how it will help us live a life more pleasing to You while helping us grow to maturity as a Christian. 

Holy Spirit I pray that we continue to learn and listen to people who have the gift of knowledge for they can, with the Your Spirit’s help, explain what Your word means and how it applies to our lives right now. Help these people to continue to mentor and teach the next generation what Your word says about all things. Give them confidence to tell what they know to all who seek truth and want to truly serve You. Give them promptings when to speak so that people can hear Your word and learn. Teach them when to be silent because of people who are unwilling to listen. 

Help us to trust in You with all our hearts and to not lean onto our own understanding but seek the truth from Your word from people who have the gift of knowledge so that we will know beyond a shadow of any doubt that we are serving You with all our hearts, all our minds, with all our bodies so we can stand ready for You to use us. In Jesus’ name, amen.