Our Churches Need a Renewal

of Your Spirit

Heavenly Father I praise You for Your word and the wisdom we can learn from it.  I also praise You for the example of the first church in Acts that was to be our example of how to become the body of Christ. I also praise You for the Holy Spirit to available to us in our time.

Holy Spirit we have learned from the letter Peter sent to the church that if we speak in church or to people, we should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If we serve, we should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ.  James tells us that if we seek wisdom ask and the Holy Spirit will help us learn it.  We have seen the church in the book of Acts repeatedly be filled with the Holy Spirit and miraculous things happen like 3000 people being saved, people healed, and people bravely standing before governments proclaiming Christ even if it meant their death.  We also learned that not only were the apostles to be filled with the Holy Spirit but those chosen to serve the widows and orphans and do the daily chores of the church.  We need to get back to accepting the Holy Spirit as part of the Trinity and filling us up when are serving God at church or in the world.  

Holy Spirit help us to live a life that allows You full access to our speech, our actions, our serving and our way of thinking.  Help us to be renewed by You daily so that we can show the world the power of the God who lives in us.  Help us to rely on Your Spirit to help us love as Christ loves us, help us to see people as Christ sees their hearts, help us to serve with Your Spirit so that people can witness hope, love and joy.  Holy Spirit move us to be active in growing the Kingdom of God and not sitting idly by waiting for others to do the work.  Help us to speak with our actions as well as with our mouths.  Help us to be honoring to You and to be the clay that You can mold into a useful tool to win hearts for You.  Help us to witness to salvation and to the love of God.  Help us to give testimony to all God has done in our lives and that without the Holy Spirit we would fail and be nothing.  

Holy Spirit help our churches to unite in prayer so that we can see our communities shaken so much that they will wonder what has changed.  Help us to start a prayer movement that will bring in the lost to hear Your word whether in our house, at our work or at church.  Help us to be so full of Your Holy Spirit that we allow You total control of all we do so that we can bear witness to the wonders You can do.  Help us to remain faithful, steadfast in prayer and believing with faith stronger than a mustard seed that You are able to do what is impossible for man to do.  In Jesus’ name, amen.