My Blessings

Heavenly Father I praise You for all the trials, tests, and victories I have witnessed this year. I praise You for growing me, teaching me, and allowing me to serve You. I thank You for the family that You have brought into my life and how my grandchildren, children, and wife keep me from self-destructing.  

Holy Spirit I have been blessed to do a 21-day fastback in January. I have seen my A1C go from 7.9 in August to 6.7 in December. I have stayed clear since my second round of cancer and now I see the cancer doctor every 4 months instead of three. I have seen my oldest grandson transition from kindergarten to first grade and my granddaughter transition from preschool to kindergarten. I have witnessed my youngest grandson go from just learning to walk to speaking sentences and growing and learning at a very fast rate.  

I have been blessed to be part of the worship team at my church. I have had the opportunity to speak at my cousin’s church and do a podcast on Abundant TV on the show Lessons for Life. I have been able to attend two different men’s Bible studies and learn about people and my faith while going. I have now prayed way over 600 prayers on my website since it began.  

I have seen my oldest son take over the youth ministry and become more involved in the Youth for Christ program for Millington and Vassar. I have seen my daughter work with her children and take them to places to grow them. She has grown as an adult also. I have now had the opportunity to be an acting Principal at two facilities and learn how to better use my computer and to be more connected to co-workers so that we can build a winning team. God has opened doors and closed some for me this year and I am good with it. I have seen and spent more time with my sister-in-law now that she is living in Michigan.  

God has blessed me to be able to listen to Godly books while driving to work through my phone after my radio and CD player quit working in my truck. God has had to teach me some very humbling lessons but has also shown me joy to sustain me. I miss my son, but God has helped me be determined to see him again someday in heaven. I have been blessed to see the Wolverines beat Ohio State now three years in a row. 

I am grateful for the new friends, old friends, and all the people who have been an influence on my life this year. I pray blessings and salutations to all those who pray daily, weekly, or monthly with me. Thank You Jesus, for my salvation, my Comforter the Holy Spirit, and for loving me enough to accept this broken, failure into the family as a royal son. In Jesus’ mighty name, amen.