Fighting with Praise

Heavenly Father I praise You for the sunrise today and the sunset last night.  I praise You for my wife Doreen that I have known for most of my life and a has walked this journey with me for the past 30 and three quarter years. Who has worked to help me become a better person, a better writer, and helps me to see the needs of people that I have been ignorant of for a very long time.  I praise You for my beautiful daughter Rachel and for our son-in-law Logan.  I praise You for my grandson Garrick, my granddaughter Hensley, and my soon to be grandson Emmeric.  I praise You for my son Joseph and for the ministries he is part of.  I praise You for the 21 years I had with my son Philip before he left this earth.

Holy Spirit I have learned that my greatest weapon to fight of fear, depression, anxiety and anger is to give praise in all things.  I praise You for making me unique.  I praise you for all the people You have brought across my journey of life and for the few close friends that I have made who have stood by me when I was not very lovable.  I praise You for the gift of being able to play a harmonica. I praise You for the gift of being able to sing.  I praise You for helping me to write and to pray scripture.  I praise You for the Godly heritage of my grandparents.  I praise You for giving me a love of reading especially of reading Your word.  I praise You for helping me write some prayer books that can help others to pray Your scripture back to You.  I praise You for sending Jacquetta along to do all the work of publishing the packets into books. 

Holy Spirit I praise you for the great love the Father has lavished on me and that I am called a child of God.(1John 3:1)  I am in no way perfect or impressive just forgiven.  I praise You for being a part of your chosen people (the church) and that I have become a part of the royal priesthood, God’s special possession, that I may declare the praises of You who called me out of darkness into Your wonderful light. (1Peter 2:9) I praise You that Christ died for me even when I was yet a sinner. (Rom. 8)  I praise You that I am learning to be a living sacrifice for You daily, and that You renew my mind, spirit, soul and body each morning so that I can do Your will. (Rom. 12:1&2)  I praise You that we no longer have to go to a stone temple but that we are a living temple for Your Spirit to reside in.  

Holy Spirit I am thankful for the hope that one day I will get to go to my real home and see my son and the babies we have lost.  That I will get to see the face of my Savior and see Your throne.  I praise You for the wisdom that You have allowed me to learn so that I can trust and depend on Your word even when I feel so lost and depressed by this dark, broken world.  I praise You for giving us the Holy Spirit to comfort us with the pain of losing a child and so many others we have lost through the years.  I praise You for having made me with a purpose in mind and that You allow me to participate with bringing Your kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.  Help me to continue to sing to You, to continue to praise You and most of all to keep talking to You.  You are my hope and salvation, without You I would be lost or dead. Direct my heart into Your love and into the patience of Christ. (2 Thess. 3:5) In Jesus’ name, Amen.