Living as Christ as we learn of Christ

Heavenly Father I praise You for giving us minds that can think and process information and a spirit to process and discern Your Spirit.  I praise You for Your word which is for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discernment in how to live a life the way You intended.  I praise You for salvation that lets us erase the sin of Adam and live as the creation You first intended to have fellowship with.  

Holy Spirit help me to remember what I have learned and heard about Christ and the truth of Jesus Christ and his salvation. Help me to put off my old way of life with all the shame and guilt of sin and put on the new self with an attitude of Your mind and will.  Help me to be like Christ in true righteousness and holiness, always speaking truthfully and with love.  Help me when I get angry to not sin, and to get rid of that anger before the day is done so that I do not allow the devil any foothold in my life.  Help me to be useful and to work hard in life so that I can share with others who are in need. Holy Spirit help me to control my tongue and prevent unwholesome talk from coming out of my mouth or living in my heart. Help me to use words that build up people and helps build Your kingdom so that I can avoid creating bitterness, rage, anger and slander to or in others.  Help me to be kind and compassionate to all and help me to learn to forgive everyone who has or may have offended me.  You be the judge of what others have done to me and You deal with their consequences while I learn to forgive as the Christ who was unjustly crucified on a cross for all of our sins and yet forgave all of us while dying an excruciating death.  Help me to walk as Christ with love, wisdom and in a constant state of prayer so that I am always in and aware of the Spirit which leads my steps daily. 

Holy Spirit help me to live as a child of light so that the world will desire to know where this light comes from and will seek to know Christ. Help me to be careful and live as wisely as I can with the wisdom that I receive daily from You. Help me to never let myself get out of control with drunkenness or drugs creating a possibility of sinning without the control to prevent it.  Help me to sing and make music from my heart to You, Lord and I will attempt to always to give thanks to You, Father , for everything, in Jesus’ name, Amen.  (Paraphrased from Ephesians 4:20-32; 5:1-20)