Truth of all Followers of the Way

Heavenly Father I praise You for being a part of the body of Christ.  I praise You that even though we come up under different doctrines we all have basic truths that unite us.  I praise You for allowing us to have differences to cover more areas of life and reach more people, yet keep a unity that binds us all together.

Holy Spirit I recognize these basic truths that cross all denominations and even between Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants.  First we all believe that Your word, the Bible, is the inspired words written by man but directed by Your Spirit.  Second we recognize that You created the world and the heavens and all that is in them.  Next we believe that there was a great flood and that Noah found grace in Your eyes and he and his family were spared.  We also believe that the prophecies of what we call the old testament are true and demonstrate that Jesus Christ would be the messiah.  We also believe in the promise You made to Abraham that all people would become saved under You.  

Holy Spirit we confirm that Jesus was born of a virgin and shadowed over by Your Spirit.  We believe in the trinity of God, God the Father, God the son, and the Holy Spirit.  We believe that Jesus died on the cross to not only fulfill the law but to be the ultimate sacrifice for our sins and regain the ability of direct worship to You.  We believe three days later Christ arose from the dead to defeat death, establish that there is life in eternity and to give us hope.  We also believe that Christ went up to heaven to sit on the throne until it is time for the judgement day.  We believe in the Holy Spirit coming upon the disciples in the upper room and that each of us can enjoy the company of the Holy Spirit.  We also believe that baptism represents an outward demonstration of the inward change in our life where we have died out to sin and allowed Christ to become ruler within us. Finally, we believe that one day time will stop, Christ will return and the day of judgement will occur, separating those who repented of their sins from those who refused to allow Christ into their lives.  These truths are what unite all of us in Christ. I praise You for this unity for it is what allows us to be adopted brothers and sisters in Christ and gives us a strength of unity especially when we pray.  Help us to recognize these truths.  I know there are many more truths that many of us believe from Your word but these bind all of us together.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.