Training Our Children to be Heirs to Your Kingdom

Heavenly Father I praise You for the fact that through Christ Jesus I am an heir to Your kingdom.  I also praise You for the fact that others in my lifetime prayed for me to know You.  I thank You for those You brought into my life that would not only mentor me but help me to learn to read and comprehend Your word, seek Your Spirit and know You personally.  

Holy Spirit Your word tells us in Proverbs 22:6 to start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.  Help me to be faithful to continue to speak life into my children even though they are adults now.  Help me to assist my daughter as she and her husband rear their children to teach them of You.  Help me to be an example to them so that they will know who You are and believe.  Help me to lift them up in prayer daily and stand in the gap for their lives.  Help me to be an influence on them so that they will seek You as they grow to adulthood.  Help me to be steady in my faith so that I can be the example they need.  

I pray that You will continue to help our churches to find mentors to help children from preschool through the teen years to see adults living their faith and practicing their belief in You so that these children can grow in wisdom, understanding and Your love.  Help our churches to teach salvation, walking in the Spirit, learning to meditate on Your word and to learn how to talk to You through prayer.  Help us to raise a generation who is much stronger in their faith than our generation has been.  Help us to be the support to this generation to help them to learn a faith that is not easily shaken.  Help us to foster the growth of Caleb’s, Daniel’s, David’s, Esther’s, Ruth’s, Deborah’s, Peter’s, John’s, Mary’s and Paul’s so that this world can see a mighty spirit renewed and powerful to change such a world that is so dark and is heading to destruction.  

Help us to be sowers of the word, of the spirit so that we can see a harvest of believers like no other generation has witnessed before.  Help us to be faithful and unafraid to be honest and humble before children and young adults.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.