Petitions for Healing

Heavenly Father I praise You for being the Creator of all the earth and what is on it and in it.  I praise You that each of us is fearfully and wonderfully made and the even before we were conceived You knew of us and what we could become.  I praise You for being the great physician and for how You love to extend Mercy to us. 

Holy Spirit I bring Mick before You who was in a car accident and has a broken back and an anomaly on the brain.  I also pray for a little boy Alex who needs healing and his health restored.  I also bring Aaron before You who has recently dedicated his life to You but he still struggles with addiction, and from abuse and other issues from his past.  Help him to get a clean start and to learn to lean on the body of Christ to help him stay accountable with love not judgment. I also bring a pastor in his 30’s who is married and has 3 young daughters.  He has been fighting Covid and now his body has become septic.  The doctors removed his vent expecting him to die but so far he is still living and breathing.  I also bring Sean before you who is in the hospital with Covid. He has blood clots in his lungs and legs, he also has infection in both lungs and is on 100% oxygen at the young age of 28.  Holy Spirit we know You are the God who can do the impossible and that You can heal anyone since You are the creator after all.  We pray and petition You in faith that if it is in Your will that You will heal these men and make them whole so that they can testify of the mighty God they serve.  

Holy Spirit teach us to have faith and confidence that You will and do answer prayer, that You still do miracles, healings and other unbelievable things.  Help us to also understand that You have your own time table and that we need to always put Your will first.  We ask that You would demonstrate Your power today and move on these people and on us.  Teach us to live as heirs to the throne.  Help us to be humble enough to always accept Your will but to never stop standing in the gap for others and our nation.  Teach us to believe with a faith that sees mountains move, waters parted, prisoners and slaves freed, and people healed.  We put our trust in You and we need to learn to not lean on just what we know.  Give us a faith that goes beyond what we can see or understand.  Holy Spirit we seek Your acknowledgement to us of Your presence in us.  We seek to see Your mercy bestowed on the people we are praying for.  In the name of Jesus, who can do the impossible, amen.