Part 4: The Gift of Healing

Heavenly Father I praise You for all Paul wrote to the Corinthians because You inspired him what to write. I praise You for allowing him to begin our understanding of the gifts You give us. I praise You that we are all different and even though many of may be given the same gift, it will still be uniquely different for each person. I praise You for all the applications of the gifts so that the whole body can be served. I praise You that this is another way to make us different than the world for Your gifts are given to us out of love so that we can love on others. 

Holy Spirit I seek much wisdom on how to pray over this gift of healing. I understand that the gift of healing encompasses many different applications to assist the body of Christ. I pray for those who help heal people with their mental health issues. I also pray for those who heal through counseling to help people with deep personal wounds not visible to those around us. I pray for those who heal through medicine and science to help people recover from sicknesses and injuries. I pray for those who heal through the laying on of hands and allowing Your Spirit to work through them to heal someone. I pray for those who pray healing into people’s lives or anoint people to be healed. I pray for those who heal broken hearts and help people work through their bitterness or grief. I pray for those who heal others calling out evil spirits and sending them away so a person can be whole again. 

Holy Spirit I know I don’t understand why some are healed and others are not. I also know that I am not wise enough to see the whole picture as God does. I also know that I don’t always understand how sin and free will play into healing or non-healing of people. Help me to be receptive of people with the gift of healing and strengthen my faith that they are following Your will through the Holy Spirit to serve You and to astound the world by Your power, Majesty and love. Healing here is just a glimpse of what it will be like when we are made whole in heaven. 

Holy Spirit help the church as a whole to accept those who truly have the gift of healing so that Your Holy Spirit is not quenched and healing is taken away from us. Let us support those who have this gift to back them with prayer and help them to avoid the devil’s attacks by using doubt and confusion. Help me to pray with and support healings that come through united prayer and to always above all seek Your will to be done, but not doubt Your ability to heal. In Jesus’ name, Amen.