Noah’s Prayer


Heavenly Father I praise You for the person I have come to know as Noah. I praise You for the time he was able to be friends with my son Philip and for their times of growing in You. I praise You for Noah’s heritage and for his perseverance. I praise You for all the potential You are building into his life. 

Holy Spirit I come to You and ask first that You would put a hedge of protection around and over Noah so that he is shielded from harm and sinful attacks. I ask that You would open Noah’s eyes to the spiritual war that has been fought around him. Holy Spirit Christ told us in Matthew 16:19, “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on the earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” Holy Spirit bind from Noah depression, disappointment, apathy, loneliness, fear, and troubled spirit. Loose onto Noah, wisdom, discernment, joy, strength, meekness, grace and a spirit of peace. 

Holy Spirit help Noah as he finishes college to welcome new adventures and change. Help him to continue to grow as You have put him through the fire to make the purest of gold out of him. Prompt him to take steps he never imagined were possible before. Help him to go and leave a legacy that my Philip believed he was capable of. Holy Spirit comfort Noah and let him put his whole trust in You and to be the shining star in the fabric of a dark sky of sin around him. Bring the words to his lips when he needs to speak. Give him a new boldness and strength to walk forward like Caleb in the Bible. Help him to be known for being a different spirit that You love and cherish. 

Holy Spirit inspire Noah to be the person and graduate that makes a difference in the world around him. Help him to realize You have endowed him with gifts and a ministry unique to only him. Help Noah to conquer the giants that try to deny his progress or success in life. Help Noah to realize that all the people who have invested in life even for a short time, know he is capable of so much more than he can see right now. Help him to occasionally hear the cheers of the great cloud of witnesses that are supporting his specific race. Help him to be who You created him to be and to exploit that as his way to take on the world around him. 

Holy Spirit bring people into Noah’s life that will push him, encourage him, listen to him and be honest with him. Help him to never lose sight of the hope that has been building in his life. Help him to understand that he will never understand all the whys in his life but that You are still in control. Help him to learn from Job but not dwell there forever. Help him to truly see the life of Joseph, who had to suffer humiliation by being sold into slavery, falsely accused, thrown in prison, forgotten when he showed kindness, yet You raised him up at the right time to save his family and people. Help Noah to learn to believe and have courage like Joshua, Caleb, Daniel and that great engineer in the Bible, Nehemiah. Help Noah understand that he has been put through a tremendous fire so that he can come out as the finest gold for God. Help Noah to learn his joy is much more than just being happy for a day. Thank You for the person and life of Noah, in Jesus’ name, Amen.