Matriarchs of My Family

Heavenly Father I praise You for many in my family who have given wisdom to me over the years of my life. I praise You for the fact that we do not choose our family, we are a part of it. I understand that even in the Kingdom I have been born again and into a family where there is diversity beyond my comprehension. Not only are their brothers and sisters of every nation, race, and color but a family that goes all the way back to Seth and has marched forward through time.

Holy Spirit I pray a hedge around my Aunt Neoma and my Aunt Ruth keep them from harm and evil. I pray that You will bless them today in very unexpected ways. I pray You bring joy to their hearts and peace to them. I pray for healing to Neoma’s hip and Ruth’s knees. I pray that You will help them to enjoy another Christmas and once again see the wonder that You have created. I praise You for putting both of them in my life and for the wisdom they have expounded upon me over the years. I praise You for the love they have shown, the ability to correct me when needed and to be steady prayer warriors. I ask that You richly bless these two women who have served as preacher wives, as workers in their own right, and for being faithful to You through very hard times as well as very good times.

These two women have learned and lived the wisdom of Proverbs 31 and have stood the test of time with faith and courage beyond the norm. I can only offer this prayer and a word of thank you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.