Loving When I am Broken

Heavenly Father I praise You that You sent the Holy Spirit to comfort us when we face tribulation and troubling times.  I praise You for the Holy Spirit helping me to work through my own grief of losing my son and is still working on me as daily I struggle.  I praise You for being able to come before Your throne in prayer and know that You understand my brokenness and hear my heart as it cries out to You. 

Holy Spirit help me and the rest of the body of Christ to learn to be more patient with people.  Help us to be more understanding and supportive to those who have had to battle with mental illness and suicide.  Help us to help those who take care of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s, for this is not an easy undertaking especially if it is a love one.  Help us to comfort those who have lost love ones to accidents, sickness and suicide.  Teach us how to love without conditions, preconceived ideas, agendas, or self-righteousness.   

Holy Spirit help me and the body of Christ be able to lift up the broken in true prayer and fasting.  Help me to be supportive and teach me what and when to say something.  Help me to understand that my own brokenness does not make me weak, but makes me human.  Help me to learn to trust in You again and to teach others how to trust in You, especially when we do not understand why.  Give me wisdom to be supportive, but help me to demonstrate love with hope.  Teach me to listen to Your Holy Spirit so that I can work with You to help the broken, the hurting, the lost and the ones who live in fear.  Teach me to live a life that makes me approachable so that I can be Your servant.  Help me to never get judgmental about people with mental issues, but to work on being supportive and understanding. 

Help me to demonstrate patience, self-control, joy, love and a life of peace.  Help me to step back and let Your Spirit do his job of working on people and just be ready to do what scripture has laid out for us to do in life.  Let me learn to love, even the unlovable.  Help me to serve and never see people as beneath me.  Give me a continued courage to stand for those who cannot defend themselves.  Help me to be the voice for  those who cannot speak up for themselves.  Help me to protect those who need protections.  Help me to seek justice when justice is needed. 

Holy Spirit I praise You for reminding me of the hope that I will someday be given a new body, and a new life in heaven and I will live where there will be no death, tears or pain anymore.  I will be able to see my Savior and my God and will be able to live life the full way I was created to live.  Most of all I will no longer be forced to endure sin, temptation, hate, or evil for I will be in the presence of Christ.  As John said in Revelations, come Lord Jesus, come.  Amen.