Loving Me through Good and Bad Days

Heavenly Father I know You know me better than I know myself.  I know that You love me despite what I think of myself.  I praise You for loving me and everyone else when we were sinners.  I praise You for caring about Your creation enough to send Your Son to earth to live among us and to face what we face, show us how to live and pray and then pay the ultimate price for our sins.  I praise You that the story does not end there, but continues when Jesus rose again and then spent time with His disciples before ascending into heaven.  I praise You for sending us the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit search my heart and help me with my attitude.  Help me to control my anger and to check why I have it.  Search me and remove any wicked thought, desire or way that is within me.  Teach me how to tame my tongue and to keep from pride, bitterness or lust of anything that is not righteous.  Help me to see Your desire for my life. Help me to listen to Your words and directions of what You expect of me daily.

As I walk this journey in life help me to enjoy the good days, cherish the days with my family and friends and to endure the days that bring me low or try to destroy me.  Help me to stand firm in my faith, strong in my resolution of who I am in You, and keep me in constant communication with You through prayer and the Holy Spirit. Direct my heart into Your love, and into the patience of Christ. Amen.