July 27, 2023

Heavenly Father I come shamefully before You, knowing I have failed at multiple things, yet I know Your word to be true and that despite my failures, You love me. I can only kneel and say thank You.  

Holy Spirit start a new stirring in me that will regain my focus and bearings on how I should live, think and act. Help me to control my desires, my anger, my frustration and move forward as best as I can with a full reliance on You to keep me walking in the right direction. Help me to find the wisdom to handle my finances in a way that brings You glory. Help me to have an understanding of how to be a father and counselor to my daughter and her crumbling marriage. Help me to have discernment so I can be the best husband to my wife and a strong grandfather to my grandchildren. Give me the wisdom to give good advice to my son when needed and wisdom when not to say anything at all.  

Holy Spirit I continue to seek righteousness and to offer myself as a living sacrifice to serve You fully each day. In this I come to You and ask that You heal Gwen who has stage 4 colorectal cancer and is fighting being Septic, she needs to heal from being septic so that they can deal with the cancer. Josh who has testicular, lymph node, and lung cancer, Holy Spirit he is the only son and grandson of two women who need You to intervene in his life and give him a complete healing. Kayla has been battling POTS for many years now. She goes to Physical therapy twice a week in Grand Rapids, Michigan to help her with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and secondary help for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. She has seen some positive results from this but it is still a long drive and has not helped her completely heal yet. She sees a Cardiologist in August and they are trying to find the right medications for her which is a trial-and-error process. She is also suffering from what is believed to be Slipping rib syndrome and she will be having a CT scan done next week so that all the paperwork can be completed for a surgeon, who has developed his own surgery to tie the ribs together to prevent the ribs from slipping out of place, this causes her a lot of discomfort. In October she will go back to The Cancer Treatment Center of America in Chicago for a repeat PET & CT scan, an MRI, Labs, and appointments with her oncologist and other appointments. She is still praying that You will help the doctors and surgeons see the tumors that are plaguing her so they can remove them and end her treatments in this area which are biweekly and very hard on her with many side effects. Holy Spirit I pray that You would help those who are treating her have wisdom and I am praying for complete healing for her so that she can show the world nothing is impossible for You. Above all, I, Kayla, and her mother pray that Your will be done in this matter and that Kayla will have peace with whatever Your will is. Angel who is fighting cancer, Cindy who has liver cancer, Esther’s heart condition, Reverend Philip who has an open sore and is diabetic, Janet who is still fighting the pain from shingles, Neoma who continues to heal from a broken hip, my friend Dawn who deals with MS daily, my friend Louise who has defeated cancer and still is fighting to be fully healthy, my friend Jeff who is almost healed from hip surgery but will need surgery on his other hip and fights schizophrenia every day and Karen who is having heart troubles not long after having heart surgery where two splints were put in. I come knowing You can heal anyone; I also seek that Your will not mine be done today. I come as the woman Christ talked about that continued to seek the judge to hear and do something about her complaint. I will continue to bring these before You, seeking healing from You because You said that I would do even more things and that all things come from seeking through prayer with humility and fervency.  

Holy Spirit I come as an intercessor and pray for the salvation and growth of Jack, Luke, Amanda, Eva, Isabelle, Quinten, Trent, Asa, Wyatt, Joshua, Sophia, Aletha, Josh, Brenna, Caleb, Rueben, and Sam. I come before You and continue to ask for them to be prodded, pushed, scared, or whatever it takes to lead them to salvation. I pray that You will not turn them over to their own desires. 

Holy Spirit I seek for You to move on my daughter Rachel and her husband Logan. I seek that You will have the upper hand in their marriage and to help open their eyes to a love that is entwined with Your love so that it can grow, become strong, and start to have a life that will build not destroy who each of them are. Holy Spirit I seek salvation for both of them that will sustain them and aid them in facing all of life’s challenges and to give them strength to parent their children.  

In all my ways I will do my best not only to acknowledge You but proclaim all that You have done and done for me. In Jesus’ name, amen.