I Want to See Your Heart in My Life

Heavenly Father I ascribe to You with the heavenly beings, we ascribe to You glory and strength.  We give tribute to the glory due Your name; I worship You in the splendor of Your holiness. Your voice is over the waters; You, the God of glory, thunders, You thunder over the mighty waters. Your voice is powerful; You voice is majestic. You sit enthroned over the flood; You are enthroned as King forever. You give strength to Your people; and You bless them with peace. (Psa. 29:1-4,10 & 11)

Holy Spirit we ask that You would be with and heal seven year old Trinity as they have put a new heart into her body.  Let her body accept the heart and let her begin to heal and become strong.  Holy Spirit we ask grace and compassion on the family that lost a love one so that this heart could be possible.  Bless them for this precious gift but help them as they mourn. 

Holy Spirit we lift up Jeff, who is a father with stage four colon cancer which is also in 80% of his liver.  We ask for a miracle of healing, if it be within Your will, we know that You can heal him. We ask that You be with his wife, and daughters especially the two graduating this year.  Give them all strength and comfort them.   

Holy Spirit I pray that You will help our churches and leaders to demonstrate a willingness to stand for justice for all people.  Help us to defend the defenseless, to stand  in protection for the fatherless, let us show hospitality and love instead of hate and fear.  Let us embrace all our brothers and sisters no matter their color, their nationality, their culture or their choices in life.  Help us to be like Christ who was willing to go and eat with the people his own rejected or looked down on.  Help us to be like Christ who did not let racial barriers stand in his way to talk to people and to spread His message.  Help us to be like Christ who did not condemn or throw the first stone on the woman caught in adultery but showed boldness in the face of an angry crowd, kindness by not speaking out against the woman and her sin, and finally the most important part he gave forgiveness instead of judgment.  Help us to do likewise.  

Holy Spirit do not let our hearts become like stones, so hard that we are a dead weight and useless to You.  Help us to learn to love those we disagree with, those we do not understand and to those who have wronged us.  This does not mean we become the door mat for people, but that we learn that through love and God we win.  Let us not carry wounded hearts, bitterness, vengeance or rebellion in our hearts.  Teach us to grasp and build within our lives joy, love, peace of mind, self-control, kindness, mercy and grace.  Help us to be bold when we need to be bold, to take courage when we need to be brave, but to be honest and humble also.  Help us to control what and how we say things to others so that we do not cut them down or hurt them with accusations or unkind words just to make us look or feel better.

Heavenly Father I love you with all my heart, mind, spirit and soul, teach me to love my neighbor as You love me. Help me to listen to the Holy Spirit, respond to His promptings and follow His leading. Help me to meditate and breathe in You words and wisdom daily so that I have no needs. Direct my heart to Your love and teach me the patience of Christ when I am around others.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.