Good Friday Brings Unity

with God’s People

Heavenly Father I praise You for today. I praise You for the example of Christ in the upper room, the communion, the foot washing, and the cross that would bear Jesus for our sins. I praise You that now we have the Holy Spirit and the word to lead us into a closer relationship with You. I praise You for moving the Spirit from the temple in Jerusalem to the temple in our being. I praise You for allowing us to live a Spirit filled, Spirit led, Spirit empowered life. 

Holy Spirit today and Sunday mark two days when all protestants and Catholics and messianic Jews can all unite together and Pray, Praise and worship as one body on this earth. For without the cross, the empty tomb, the ascension, and the day of Pentecost none of us would be able to be saved, baptized, sanctified and living a Spirit filled life. In this we all agree, Jesus died for each and every one of our sins.

Holy Spirit help me as I stand with all people who believe and follow Christ with the assistance of the Holy Spirit and Your word to be united for we are the next generation of kingdom builders and speakers of the Way. It has fallen on our shoulders to go out into all the world and preach and live the Gospel of Jesus. It is our time to unite and make our worship centers houses of prayers for all the nations. It is our time to step out of the boat in faith, eyes on Jesus, and let signs, wonders and miracles happen once again so that all will know we are fully owned and sold out to our King, King Jesus. Jesus who is our advocate to the Father and who paid the price for us to be adopted sons and daughters. 

As James wrote we need to ask for wisdom. As Christ told us what we bind here we bind in heaven and what we loose here, we loose in heaven. I pray from this day forward that I will be a usable temple for people to see, hear, and know who Jesus is. I will live a life that gives no disgrace to the one who died for me. I will fight with the word and with prayer. I will love with the help of the Holy Spirit, forgiveness and grace. I will demonstrate mercy to those who have suffered around me so that they can have hope. I will give my life each day to Christ and will seek to know His perfect will. I will give of my resources to further You Kingdom and accept the challenge You presented in Malachi. 

Holy Spirit let me be humble enough and strong enough to serve, give, love, forgive and to have a faith that sees much greater things ahead than behind. Help me to speak, live, and serve with the love of Christ in my heart, the boldness and direction of the Holy Spirit who comes into my personal temple and leads and speaks to me. Let me be an adopted child who carries the family name with pride and with strength. Always worried about God’s reputation while dying out to my own. In all that I say, think and do I will put Jesus first and live my life with a relationship greater than can be explained. Amen.