Chain Breaking Miracles

Heavenly Father I praise You for my family, even with all of times we do not see eye to eye, You still reign and love us.  I praise You for the heritage I and my wife have of grandparents and parents who knew God and trusted in You and made sure we were exposed to You at an early age.  I praise You for the faithfulness and strong prayers of my grandmothers.  They taught me to believe beyond what I could see or understand.  

Holy Spirit I come before You today, praying for families that are in need of healing and a miracle.  They need Your divine grace and salvation.  They need the shackles of sin torn off and their lives exposed to the bare, so that they can humble themselves before You.  We are united in prayer that You will not only spare these families but save them from the sin that has beset them.  We pray that You would not give them over to their sinful desires but trouble their spirits and prick at their hearts that You are a better way.  We ask that You put a hedge of thorns around them and keep all evil influences away from them.  We pray that Your Spirit would come over them like a flood and open their eyes to their guilt but place within their ears Your word of salvation and hope. Holy Spirit we seek a complete and undeniable miracle to happen in this family so that the world can only say, because Our God can do the impossible.  Holy Spirit continue to hound the father, the mother and anyone else in this family and bring them to their knees. Show them the destruction that they are creating and producing with their current life choices.  We know nothing is impossible with You.

Holy Spirit Lift up pastors and their teams asking that You give them discernment on what to say, how to approach, and how to demonstrate Your love to this family.  Help her to have wisdom in what she should do to honor Your kingdom and Your will in all of this.  Help them to become such a force in prayer their congregation will witness a miracle and know that You are their God and that You do mighty things for those who are faithful to come to You in prayer with humble hearts and fervency for others.  Let this be a demonstration as when Elijah poured water on the alter and You brought fire down from heaven to prove You were God, we ask that You bring a Holy Fire down to break these chains of sin and heal this family so that Pastors can preach of Your presence, and Your power and most of all of Your saving grace and mercy. We know that the family is of Your design and it is the most attacked group by Satan and his demons.  We also know that each of us are accountable for our actions but that many of us become blind because of sin, bitterness, anger, pornography and wounded spirits.  We ask that You shine so brightly on these families that they will finely have to open their eyes to their sinfulness and have to choose between You or what sin brings which is death and hell.  Help them to be brought so low that they cry out to You.  

We praise You and know that You hear us when we cry out to You in desperation and we know that You want families to be successful and whole. So we give this family over to You and seek Your salvation for this family and healing.  Your will be done here on earth as it is in heaven, for Yours is the power, the glory and honor, Amen.