What Kind of God do I believe in?

Heavenly Father I praise You for allowing us to take a breath sometimes and make that our anchor is properly set and is keeping us from drifting.  I praise You that You allow us time to remember why we accepted the gift of salvation and walk in a relationship with You.  I praise You for being in control and not me, even though my pride sometimes gets me to try to be in control.

Holy Spirit, Solomon wrote to us that we need to trust in You and not lean onto our own understanding.  This means I need to have faith that You are a God who is in control and knows what You are doing when I can’t see the whole picture.  David tells us in his Psalms 119:68 that You are good and do good.  I also have learned from Paul in his letter to the Christians in Rome, that eventually all things work together for those of us who love and trust You and that we were made with a purpose.  

Holy Spirit I declare that the God I believe in does not change (Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8), You are Holy (1Peter 1:16) and You are a God of love, (1John 4:7,8) and that Your love endures forever.(Psalms 136:1) I also know You are for us not against us and that our decisions decide where we will spend eternity. (Romans 8:31) I also understand You are a God who rejoices, renews Your love often, and sings over me because of Your love for me. (Zephaniah 3:17)  I believe in the reality that You fight for me (2 Chron.20:15) and that You are faithful even when I may not understand. (Heb. 10:23)  You are a just God, fairness does not exist but justice does and You are a just God in spite of the broken world which displays so much injustice each day. (Psa. 50:6 and 1 John 1:9)  You are a God who is compassionate towards us, and always kind and ready to forgive us. (Psa. 86:5,15)  You are an all knowing God who understands everything about me. (Psa. 139)  You never make mistakes (Psa. 18:30)  You are still and always will be on the throne (Heb. 8:1) and You are in control even when we don’t see it. (Isaiah 14:24)  Most of all Your thoughts and ways are higher than mine, because You can see the whole picture when I only see what is around me at one point in time. (Isaiah 55:9)

Holy Spirit help me to never forget all that God is to me and that this is what holds my faith together when I walk through the fire.  Just like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego You walk with us in the fire and my faith should be strong enough to declare that even if You decide not to save me, I will trust in You.  Help me to put my anchor deep and firm in You, the cornerstone of my life.  Amen.

All scriptures came out of the MEV Bible.