What is My Gift? What is My Ministry?

Heavenly Father I praise You that You made each of us unique and different so that we have to work together in order to accomplish Your will.  I praise You for teaching us to not only to trust in You but to put faith in each other.  I praise You for teaching us grace when each of us at times fails at what the Holy Spirit is leading us to do.  I praise You for believing in us enough to rely on us to do our part in building Your kingdom in a world that is broken and has lost all hope and enjoys the darkness. 

Holy Spirit help us to learn from Your inspiration to Paul as he wrote to the Corinthians on our different kinds of gifts, and that they all come from the same Spirit, Yours.  Also, You have given each of us different ministries to fulfill while here on earth and at different times in our lives.  Help each of us to learn what our spiritual gifts are, and how to use them in the different times in our lives as we minister to the world around us.  Help me to use my gift of teaching and my ability to research to use as I search the scriptures to send out for us to pray over and to claim.  Help those who prophesy to keep us from going too far away from the spiritual guardrails in our lives.  Help those who are gifted in the area of giving to be wise enough to invest into the ministries that will be most helpful to Your kingdom.  Lead those blessed with mercy to come along people and comfort them when needed, demonstrate grace when needed and to encourage people to push forward in their walk with You. Holy Spirit help each person with their gift to use it fully to serve You with all their heart, all their mind and all their soul. 

Holy Spirit help us to encourage each other, support each other, keep each other accountable through humility and grace and to stand for each other as we stand for You.  Let us meditate daily on Your word, wisdom and learn to be discerning by listening to Your Spirit.  Help us to never feel limited or inferior for the our particular gift You have given us and the expectations You have for us.  Help us all to pray without ceasing and with an earnestness that will push us to trust in You to move mountains we cannot comprehend moving.  Help us to unit in prayer so that You are among us and help us to individually pray as Daniel did faithfully each day so that we can unlock the wisdom that is available to us.  

Holy Spirit continue to fill us and work through us.  Speak through us and let us be a vessel that can pour out ourselves and Your Spirit onto others so that they might be saved and become part of the family.  We praise You with all our heart and with all our mind and with all our soul.  In Jesus’ name, amen.   gift