Update to Prayers for Kayla



1. I am beyond blessed for all of your specific prayers for me as the prayer of my CT angiogram being approved by insurance so I can schedule it was not just approved but it was approved the next morning. When I called they told me that it was ready to now be scheduled so we are set for the CTA in Byron City at 7 am on February 14th.


2. It is always one step forward and another step back it seems. I was just informed on Friday the treatments I receive biweekly are now on backorder which means I only have two treatments available left until the end of February. However, I cannot receive them four weeks before my appointments in Chicago. We are going to be spreading out the medication so we are not left in a very bad spot when we run out. So instead of receiving the treatment on Friday, I will receive it tomorrow. We are very thankful that we still have access to my short-acting injections. My nurse ordered me 20 for her and she will keep 20 in their office so when I get low they can restock my supply. I am trying hard to see the positive to this such as maybe they need all six weeks off treatment instead of the standard four weeks off before testing in Chicago in order to find the tumors. I know God has a reason for everything and that is even true when I do not understand His plan at the time.


We are praying to let me be as comfortable as possible while the treatments are limited, having the treatments become available to me again, and for my answers in the future. Thank you all for your continued support!