Understanding my Armor Part 1

Heavenly Father I praise You for not leaving us spiritually defenseless. I praise You for equipping us and allowing us to join in the battle here on earth for Your kingdom. I praise You that I have learned that people are not my enemy but against the dark powers of this world.  I praise You that the ultimate victory is already Yours. 

Holy Spirit help me to put on the full armor that You have given me, so when the day of evil comes I will be able to stand with my brothers and sisters and hold our ground.  Help me to put on my belt of truth.  Help me to realize that this belt holds the tools that keep my integrity intact.  Help me to understand also that this belt of truth centers me and keeps me from being vulnerable to the lies of the devil.  Help me to make sure that on my belt I keep scriptures ready to pull from when the devil attempts to deceive me. 

Holy Spirit help me to put on my breastplate of righteousness and wear it with pride in the God I serve.  Help me to keep it ready for any and all attacks that come at me that are aimed for my heart and my vulnerabilities.  Help me to realize that this breast plate will not stop the impact of attacks which hurt but will keep me from being seriously injured just as a bullet proof vest protects a soldier but he still is bruised by the bullets. Help me to understand that You know what it is like to be attacked, bruised and battered and yet You demonstrated victory when You rose again three days after being crucified.  Help me to be as strong as I need to be with You by my side through every battle, tribulation, attack, and grief I must bear.  

Help me to fully understand my battle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.  Help me not to attack my fellow man, who is made in Your image, but fight the right fight as You have laid out for us in scripture.  Help me to stand on the promises You have made to us through Your word, and to lean on the Holy Spirit for wisdom, direction and discernment in all of life’s endeavors.  In Jesus’ name, amen.