Realizing it is a Marathon, not a Sprint 

Heavenly Father I praise You today for the insight You give me and for allowing me to lead in prayer with Your word. I praise You for all Your promises and truth. I praise You for making me unique and with a free will to serve You because of love and desire so that our relationship can truly be Father and adopted son. I praise You for allowing Your Son to come live with us, die for us and then in His resurrection leave behind Your Holy Spirit to be our comforter, truth, and wisdom giver.

Holy Spirit teach me to read with an eye to growing on the meat of Your word and not settle for the milk. Help me to take a hard look at the lives of Peter and Paul. Help me to see how as Peter walked with Christ he saw and experienced many wonders, miracles, healings, and listened to His wisdom. Peter would walk on water, go out with the other disciples and preach, heal and spread the news of Your coming. He would go fish and pull a coin out of its mouth to pay tribute to Christ. He would witness the transfiguration on the mountain. Yet when the hour of Christ’s betrayal he would deny knowing Christ 3 times. When Christ rose again, Peter would be restored, forgiven, and given the power of Your Spirit. He would preach in Jerusalem before 5000 and see many converts. Peter would go and spread the news of Christ and would suffer many times being thrown in jail, beaten, and eventually crucified upside down. This lesson allows me to hope for I know I can not do it all at the beginning and I will be tested and I will fail sometimes. Yet, Christ will forgive me and assist me through the Holy Spirit to get back up and walk as I am too.

Let me always listen to Your Spirit but let me also know that I can come back and get forgiveness when I sin. Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to You, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer. [Psa. 19:14] Amen.