Prayer for P and Q

Heavenly Father I come to you as a grieving father. I come as a servant who deeply understands pain. We come to You as people seeking a miracle that only Your power of healing can provide.

Holy Spirit I ask that You would put a protective hedge around P and Q. Keep them from evil and harm. I petition before You that You heal their minds, hearts and souls that have been broken do to evil of others. They are innocent of any wrong yet now they bear a burden no person should ever carry. I know that nothing is impossible for You, so I appeal to Your mercy, tenderness, and love. I pray for complete healing of the mind, body, and soul of P and Q. I pray for justice for the evil done against them.

Holy Spirit I pray for wisdom, discernment, and compassion for their parents to know how to help them move forward in life and learn to trust in You. Holy Spirit help us who pray for them to believe fully in Your power to heal and to bring the right people into their lives that will help them move forward. Bring support to these parents to find a new way to demonstrate love to their daughters. Help them to find the right groups of people to expose them to so that everyone is safe and trustworthy.

Holy Spirit I understand that You have helped people to be trained to help people that have faced this kind of trauma. I also know that true healing, love, hope, and being the best, they can be can only come from a complete healing touch from You. Help these two girls learn the awful truth that we live in a very evil dark world and people hurt people to often. Also, help them to learn that there are people with genuine love that can walk beside them and continue to pray for them to be whole again. Let them fully understand the physical humility You suffered to demonstrate Your love by dying on the cross for their salvation. You were beaten, spit upon, stripped, nailed to a cross, and lifted high for all to see Your brokenness. Help them to see You are a savior who understands what evil this world can inflict. I praise You for being God and for being the divine healer that we can come to in times like this. We ask that You would deliver a miracle where Satan planned destruction. In Jesus’ powerful and healing name, Amen.