Part 6: The Gift of Prophecy

Heavenly Father I praise You for the prophets of our time. I praise You for the prophets of the Old Testament, many who for told of the coming of Christ, but many tried to warn their countrymen that if they did not obey You there would be consequences to face and they occurred. I praise You that not only do we have the truth of Your word but also the concurrence of truth from history. 

Holy Spirit I pray for the safety and understanding that people with the gift of prophecy have. Not only do You enlightened them sometimes to future events, but usually they are Your representative to warn people about what is right and what is wrong. They usually know in their spirit because they are in tune with the Holy Spirit that some decisions a church or a leader is going to make is in line with You. Often they will be the first to warn of some sin entering into leadership and needs to be addressed and they will also be the least to compromise on an action that could violate the intent of God’s principles in scripture. 

Holy Spirit I pray for these people to rest assured that they are standing in Your will even though many will be angry with them for standing up and opposing actions or a promotion to some leaders. Help people to give them a little more understanding and help leaders to listen to these people to save their ministries or churches from offending You. Holy Spirit I understand that these people with this gift are often scoffed and persecuted just like the prophets in the old testament. I have been in their shoes more than once and felt the heat from recognizing something was wrong by my Spirit but unable to put a logical reason to it until the sin was exposed. Let these people draw close to You just as Elijah did to be replenished and get confirmation that what they say and do is right in Your eyes. 

Thank You for the people with the gift of prophecy because they are like the road signs that warn us of what is up ahead when we cannot see. Help us to be discerning, measure everything with scripture and support with what we know to be true. Help us to head their warnings but also help us perceive when we have false prophets in our midst. In Jesus’ name, amen.