My Heritage Part 2

Heavenly Father I praise You for the mother and grandmothers You placed in my life. I also praise You for the Godly mother-in-law that I gained when I was married. I praise You for the foundation of learning the value of Your word and the importance of prayer above all other things I do in life.  

Holy Spirit I often believe that I understand Timothy, because I was granted to grandmothers and two mothers (one being my mother-in-law) who knew how to pray and to believe the impossible into existence. I learned to read and comprehend Your word from my grandmother Jenny as I would read to her each night because of her poor eyesight. I learned the stories of faith from my mother as she would read to me as a child about people of the Bible. I learned to pray and believe unwavering from the example of my grandma Campbell, who as poor as she was, was deeply rich in faith and talking to You. I praise You for the faithfulness of my mother-in-law who would challenge me on why I believed and how I lived that belief. She often would challenge me to pray and believe. These women of faith taught me what it meant and still means to pray without ceasing, to pray to believe that nothing is impossible for God and to listen for the Holy Spirit to speak and move in my life so that I could be exactly who God intended me to be. I give my wisdom, knowledge, and understanding foundation to the fact my grandmother and mother encouraged me to read all the way through and to search the word so that I could know for myself what I believed. My father taught me to break scripture down to get the meat out. My grandmother taught me to ask God questions and seek truth. My mother taught me to believe even when I could not see the fruit of why I should.  

Holy Spirit help me to continue to grow from this wellspring of lineage that I have with prayer and Your word. Help me to pass it on to my children and grandchildren so that the arrows of my quiver can travel far and true. In Jesus’ name, amen.