Let Me Pick Up My Mat

Heavenly Father I continue to praise You for making me unique and for Your Holy Spirit providing wisdom through Your word and through others who preach, write or testify to who You are and what You have done. I praise You for giving me a faith that is uniquely my own. I praise You for constantly teaching me to help me to grow until I reach heaven and start to live life the way You intended. 

Holy Spirit thank You for opening my eyes to the scripture in Luke 5:24 and 25 from the book Crazy Faith, the author Michael Todd points out that Jesus gives the man on the mat three clear instructions: 1. Rise up, this requires the faith of the man that Jesus has truly healed him inside and outside. 2. Take up your mat, why would he tell him to do this? Michael Todd proposes it is because this is his testimony of what God saved him from. 3. Go home, why? Because the people at his home had the most investment in his life before and now will rejoice and learn to trust Jesus because of what he has done for this man who they have had to serve for many years. Holy Spirit help me to take my testimony with me where ever I go. I praise You that I was able to go speak in the town and church where I grew up so that the people who helped in my training in childhood could see what You have done in my life. 

Holy Spirit there were many people who invested in me when I was a child and a teenager. Now that I am an adult help me to continue this legacy and invest in others to see ministry furthered and that Your name is glorified. Help me as I write and pray that I will help others who are in need of Your healing, guidance, love and forgiveness. Help my books to reach people to help them begin to pray with boldness. Let my books sell so that the profits can benefit Compassionate Life and reach the children and workers in Africa. Let my time and investment in church help the people of my community to grow and become mighty in You. Help my prayers for the pastors and churches of the East Michigan Free Methodist Conference help support and bring power to changing this part of Michigan in a way that will change lives, families, and local governments. 

Holy Spirit I pray that You will give me and those who pray with me wisdom, discernment, understanding and hope so that when we pray to You we pray with Your heart and Your principles in mind. Help us to pray with faith greater than a mustard seed so we can see mountains moved, walls brought down, giants defeated, addiction stopped, broken families healed, the hopeless find hope, and that we pray with a confidence that we are in the center of Your will and allow You to do what You do on Your time basis and Your way. Help us not to grumble, complain or become bitter because we are not getting our way, but to truly die out to self and fully breath in life that You have for us so that we walk close to Your side. 

Holy Spirit help us to speak what You need us to say, to work as hard as we can so that no one can look down on Your reputation, help us to act upon Your will and to be unafraid of what the consequences will be. Holy Spirit fill us with Your love so we can demonstrate a love this world has not seen in a long time. Fill us with Your power so that we fully represent that nothing is impossible for You. Fill us with Your wisdom so that we can help lead people to You. Check our hearts and remove and evil ways, thoughts, desires, addictions from us so that we can be free to serve You with all that we have. In Your name, Jesus, Amen.