Learning from the Lord’s Prayer Part 3 

Heavenly Father I praise You today for the example of Your Son, and for the encouragement of the Holy Spirit. As Paul wrote, “For through Christ, we both have access to the Father by on Spirit.” [Ephesians 2:18] So by the Holy Spirit and through Jesus we have access to You.

Holy Spirit we pray for Your Kingdom to come down here to the earth. We pray that men’s hearts can be changed through salvation and that Your Spiritual Kingdom can take root in the body of the church. We pray that You begin to rule in people’s hearts.

Holy Spirit we pray that You would help feed us daily, both spiritually and physically. Life is getting more difficult and many are going without food. Help us, Your church, find a way to feed those in need. Help us to serve and give of ourselves in ways we never expected. Help us to be like the man who operated the orphanage in England, who prayed for all the food, money, and supplies to come in without asking anyone for help. His faithfulness to pray, fast, and then serve his orphanage is a testament to Your power, grace, and mercy. Help us also to realize that we need to feed our Spirit with Your word, good wisdom, worship, and music to help our souls feel full.

Holy Spirit teach us to forgive as Christ forgave. Help us to find a humility that it is not about us and that all us once were sinners and that we all battle the flesh and will do stupid things. Help us to keep offense out of the church, and out of our lives. Let us live with the sole focus that Heaven is our home and nothing should become in between, and Christ Jesus who provides our way to there.

Holy Spirit help us to realize that forgiveness is the first of many steps to avoid temptation and is the ultimate protection against Satan and his lies. Satan, likes to use bitterness, pride, lust, and hate to destroy who we are. Christ teaches us to love, forgive, be humble, desire what is pure and good. Help us to change our focus, our life style and our way of thinking. Instead of looking for the offense of people towards us, help us to look for the needs of others.

Holy Spirit thank You for Christ giving us a template on how to pray with simplicity, honesty, and with humility. We know this was not the only prayer we are to pray, but it is a great model in creating a pathway to praying to the father through Christ with the help of You, the Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.