Keeping My Line Secure

Heavenly Father I praise You for being created with a purpose, with my own personality, my own set of gifts and abilities and my own thoughts.  I praise You for teaching me daily how to grow in my faith and how to use my abilities and gifts wisely.  I praise You for the knowledge I am not perfect, but in You I am forgiven and my slate is clean.  I praise You for my name being written in the book of life.

Holy Spirit help me to daily die out to my desires, my wants and my sinful nature. Help me to become deeply rooted in Your Spirit so that I can drink from the well of living water.  Help me to bring into captivity every thought, dream and fleeting idea that goes through my mind every day and night. 

Holy Spirit help me to glean the wisdom from Hebrews 6: Help me to move on from an elementary understanding of Your will and become mature in my Spiritual walk.  Help me not to let anything come into my life that would cause me to fall away from You or put me to drift. Help me to be grounded and so open to Your will that I bear much fruit to help build Your kingdom instead of being a barren, bitter, rebellious piece of ground that needs to be burned.  Help me to understand that I must be patient to see the manifestation of Your promises to me.  Abraham was given his promise of a child at 75 but did not see him come until he was 100.  Joseph was given his dream as a young teenager, but had to go through years of slavery and being imprisoned before he was elevated to the promise of his dream while in his thirties.  Help me to embrace the concept from verses 19 and 20—We have this hope as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, which enters the Inner Place behind the veil. This is where Jesus has entered for us as a forerunner, since He has become the everlasting High Priest in the order of Melchizedek.  Since we are living temples we know that Your Spirit resides in our Holy of Holies of our heart.  Help us to also pick up our cross and be living sacrifices for the glory of God.  We are promised hope, joy, and forgiveness, not fun, happy no stress lives.  Help me to always rest assured of my Hope in Christ as I face the trials, fires and storms of life.  Help me to maintain a place in my heart for the Holy Spirit to reside and fill me so that I can speak with the living water coming from the depths of my heart.  

Holy Spirit help me to take control of my thoughts, and to stand solidly on the promises of God no matter how long I have to wait for them to be applied to my life.  Help me to be deeply convicted of any area of sin in my life so that I can be a temple that is clean and glorifies You.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.