I Need a Recharge

Heavenly Father I praise You that we have the whole Bible to let us know first Your nature and the fact of how You are the creator and how You use the weak and the lowly to be Your example so that we can see Your majesty and power. I praise You for Your Son Jesus who actually came and lived among us and was the ultimate sacrifice for our sins and how salvation, sanctification and Your Holy Spirit would be shared by all not just Your original chosen people.

Holy Spirit I truly believe what the Father said through his messenger the angel who talked to Zechariah, “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, says the Lord of hosts.” There is truly nothing we can do in our power past the point of making choices that can truly have any power. Our choices, which You have given to us to make, decide whether we trust You enough to work through us or not. Holy Spirit You can give us wisdom, prompt us, fill us with Your Spirit, but the choice still falls in our laps. It does not matter how strong, weak, sick, healthy, smart, or how important we think we are, only through Your power, Your might, Your wisdom, and Your Spirit will we ever see real change. We need to humble ourselves and know that only through You abiding in us, and Your Spirit resting upon us does any kingdom change happen. We need to continue to come before Christ our advocate in the throne room through the Holy Spirit and humbly place our petitions upon the alter. We need to seek Your will by dying out to self. We need to do Your will by being Spirit led and with the wisdom You have provided each of us. 

Holy Spirit I ask that You completely fill me, use me and teach me to be receptive to Your promptings and the voice of Jesus who speaks through You to me. I need to be recharged in serving You and praying with humility and conviction so that I can see the world around me change. I need to be so consumed by living for You that temptation and sin do not even have a space to speak into my mind, ear or eyes. I need to humble myself to the point that it is only about You and no one or nothing else. 

Now may You direct my heart into Your love and into the patience of Christ. Amen. [Zechariah 4:6, 2 Thessalonians 3:5]