Building My Faith

Heavenly Father I praise You today for the trust You put into me to fulfill my purpose in life.  I praise You for having faith enough in me to know that I will live my life for You and to honor me with being Your living temple here on the earth in my area of life.  I praise You, that You see me differently than people see me and that You are willing to use me as Your mouthpiece, Your hands, Your feet, Your voice, and Your example of forgiveness. I praise You that You have brought others in my life who encourage me and those You want me to encourage.

Holy Spirit teach me to have faith like Caleb in the Bible to stand up and believe God’s promises are true even when others, especially the church tremble in fear and do nothing.  Help me to be bold like David and take on the giants in my life with the faith that even though the abilities I have seem small they are adequate to get the job done.  Lead me to a faith like Daniel where I pray earnestly and consistently to the point You speak to me or send messengers to tell me what I need to know.  Help me to listen as Samuel did and be ready to say hear I am, Your servant is ready to listen. Help me to have the filling of the Holy Spirit like Stephen that even though I might not do a glorious or famous job, I can still affect people by how I live with the Your Spirit in me.  Help me to be like Paul and be bold in my trust of You.  Holy Spirit come on me and help me to be like Peter and be able to boldly proclaim Your salvation to all different kinds of people and that they will not only understand what I am saying but Your Spirit will move on their hearts, so they repent.

Help me to understand that my faith must be greater than what I can see, more than I can hope for, larger than my circumstances and stronger than the temptations that try to distract me from my goal. Let my faith, honesty and humility be pleasing enough before You that I will be like the Psalmist and know that I am the apple of Your eye.  Help me to be a man after Your own heart. Let my faith grow and my trust grow that I come to a place in life where I can find peace in my heart that You are my God and understand fully that nothing is impossible for You. 

Holy Spirit help me to continue to build Your kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. Help me to continually stay in a listening position so that I can hear Your voice and understand what You desire of me to do each step I take.  I praise You for all glory belongs to You. In Jesus’ mighty name, amen.